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June 18, 2013

My friend Joni gave me a raspberry cane from her mother’s garden. I stuck it in an old plastic pot thinking I would replant it later. That was 2 years ago…

Rasberry canes

Last year the raspberry plant expanded from the pot into the flowerbed next to it & I allowed it. Why not, I thought.


This year, the raspberry is so happy that it is loaded with berries. I have been getting handfuls every day for the past week.

Yummmy, full of flavor – nothing compares to growing your own.

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  1. J Bell permalink
    June 20, 2013 9:00 am

    Hi, Tammi, Thanks for sharing. The berries sure look yummy! The new sticks I planted this year are going nowhere it appears. I don’t think our clay soil and dry weather are going to be very good for berry production.

    I forwarded your post to my dad and asked him to show it to Mom. She doesn’t e-mail at all. Can’t say I really blame her. The last few electronic methods of communicating have passed me by and gotten obsolete before I even tried them. I just can’t get interested in blogging, chatting, facebook, etc. They take up way too much time, I’m a slow reader, and we lose even more privacy by doing all these things.

    How is #2 son liking Austin? I understand it is very liberal there, so I hope he’s not totally at home there. 😉

    Are #3 and Alison still in China?

    How is Dave’s job situation agreeing with you both? Hope it’s fantastic.

    Sure do miss you. Hope you can visit sometime this year.

    Love, ~Joni

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