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Tennessean to Texas

October 3, 2013

Off for a long weekend to visit dear friends & #2 son in Texas. It was prohibitively expensive to fly into Dallas & out of Austin. It was prohibitively expensive to rent a car in Austin – like twice as much as it cost in Dallas! So we started in Dallas, drove to Austin & back to Dallas to fly home!

IMG 0571

A window seat, a bottle of water, my iPod playing something soothing & a good book. By the way, love the book, Jimmy!

IMG 0572

The flight was not a non-stop, so we landed in Austin – hey, that’s where #2 son lives!
Click the link & you’ll see that my photo matches the MapQuest map!

IMG 0573
Did you know the Colorado River runs through Austin?

But he’s not home yet, so after unloading & reloading passengers we were in the skies again headed to Dallas.

IMG 0575
Ah, Dallas & the layer of dirty air visible in the distance.

Visited with our dear friends, their kids & grandkids…beautiful babies who loved the books I brought to them! Thanks, Ken, owner of Logos Bookstore of Nashville, for the suggestions. A quick tour of Frisco, Texas, the guys enjoyed lunch with a high school friend while we girls soaked up some vitamin D by the neighborhood pool. Lots of talk, exercise demonstrations, lots of wine, birthday celebrations, more talk, steaks, more wine – ahh! Too bad we didn’t have time to play some Bridge!

Then we were off to Austin – driving this time.

IMG 0577

#2 son works as a consultant which means that he flies out on Monday morning, works somewhere all week, then returns home Thursday evenings. Usually. Unless he has a meeting to attend on a weekend or is launching a specific project & must stay in the not-home city for a number of weeks in a row.
But this week he returned home with the intention of showing us Austin, Texas…by bicycle!

IMG 0579

Our first evening together, he walked us all over the parks near his home before we took him to dinner.
Not too early the next morning we met at his apartment for our big day of sightseeing. DH & I had to walk to the nearest bike shop & get our rental bikes.

The folks at the Austin Tricyclist were great!
IMG 0582

We’re off for a ride all over the Texas capitol city. We did take a break at the very first Whole Foods Store! Then we were off again in the heat, up & down the hills until we saw everything that we possibly could see…uh…& we shouted ahead to our son that we were getting quite tired! 3 1/2 hours! Time to wind down this ride.
Late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant using organic, local meats & veggies – great burger & fries for me sans bun!

IMG 0583

DH & I had a long drive back to Dallas for our flight home the next morning. The thunderstorm we hit at Waco, TX was unbelievable – zero-visibility & I mean ZERO-VISIBILITY! We couldn’t even see the hood of the car! But the Lord is merciful & we made it through unscathed, despite the idiot driving the big pickup truck that hit a major puddle of water, skidded spinning around & around, coming to rest on the opposite side of Interstate 35 away from those of us attempting to drive safely. Idiot!

IMG 0584

The next morning our flight was delayed to “take on more fuel” because of thunderstorms in the Houston area. Yep, flying to Houston to drop off folks & pick up folks.

IMG 0585

IMG 0589

Serious rain at the end of the runway taking off again, but soon on our way home to the green hills of middle Tennessee.

IMG 0590

IMG 0591


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