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Eat Well To Be Well!

October 24, 2013

Are you ready for the holidays?

No, not have you wrapped your presents or decorated your home. Have you decided that you are not going to gain 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? Are you not going to end the holidays with a bad cold or the flu?
All this is possible, but it requires you to prepare right now.

PREPARE MENTALLY: Make the decision that you are going to eat excellent food that feeds your body well, that you are so valuable nothing goes into your mouth that doesn’t nourish you mind, body and spirit. This is your choice and yours alone.

PLAN: Weigh yourself every single morning! Get out of bed. Go potty. Take off your pajamas and STEP ON THE SCALE! The scale is a tool, not your judge.
Let the electronic kitchen scale, measuring cup and measuring spoons be your best friends. Weigh everything! Measure everything before you put them on your plate. EVERYTHING! No more guessing! Then write it down! Write down what you are eating & the amount you are eating.
Just say “NO!” to the pizza, chips and store-bought sweets.
Eat only handmade, homemade rolls, bread or desserts during the holidays, but only twice a week. Be selective.

November 1st is a Friday. You can do this!

Eating good fat is the way to be satisfied and stay full longer. “But I thought fat was bad!” Nope! Good fats: avocados, coconut oil, butter to name a few – these will make the foods worth eating & will provide the micro-nutrients you body is craving.
Remember the protein – eggs, steaks, chicken, fish, pork. Grilled, sautéd, baked, broiled, poached. 4 – 6 oz = women/meal; 6 – 8 oz = men/ meal
Eat green vegetables in their natural state, in other words NOT IN CREAMY SAUCES! Steamed or raw, green veggies provide the vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning at its peak.
Limit your starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes, white potatoes, beans & peas. Twice a week is plenty & remember to measure – ½ cup is a serving.
Carbohydrates are the killers! Sugar, pasta, desserts, etc. lower your body’s immunity for at least 8 hours after ingested. You are around family from across the country, eat a slice of pecan pie and wonder why you catch the bad cold Aunt Martha had. Well, this is the reason!

You can take all the supplements you want but if you do not change what you are eating, you will never be healthy!

Eat well to be well!



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