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Moving Out Tired

May 2, 2014

Packing, hauling, deciding – all day! I am so tired. But it doesn’t matter. There is still one more attic to attack & that means Christmas China & serving pieces not in boxes. Sigh. The big pieces of furniture that we stowed there are not an issue. Heave hoe & they’re out. It’s the little stuff that has to be handled, considered, selected – much as the final judgment when the sheep & the goats will be divided. Well, more & more of this stuff looks goatish!

IMG 0423

The movers arrive at 8 in the morning when I will be directing 6 strong men after sending DH on his 1st run to the apartment with lamps, clothes, food from the old freezer. Sigh. I’m tired.

IMG 0422

Please dear Lord, I need to sleep tonight…for more than 2 hours.

IMG 0424

By the way, Sr Francis Winery makes lovely wines!


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