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Korean War Veteran

May 8, 2014

“Thank you for your service, Bob.”
“Sometimes I still dream about it.”

Bob is a Korean War veteran, who as a young man was a pilot in the US Air Force. As an elderly man, Bob has a twinkle in his eye & is always good for a joke.

A B 29 Superfortress bombers unloading its bombs

What I find fascinating & a bit disturbing is that this pleasant gentleman is still haunted by a war he fought over 60 years ago.

Post Traumatic Stress is a popular topic of late because of the many soldiers, many wars in the past 13 years. But did you ever think that our grandfathers, fathers & uncles are still suffering after all this time?

Please pray for our soldiers, current & former.

Please remember to thank them for their service & the sacrifices they make/made for our freedom.


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