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Barking Dogs & Lu’s First Trip To The Top

May 10, 2014

IMG 0444

Since we were visiting Carole & Harry after the climb we brought Lucy with us. She would want to see Moxie & actually kind of refused to be left at the apartment.

Lucy P4301827

No worries – she can stay in the car parked in the shade with the windows down, a bowl of water at the ready. We’ve done this before.

Lucy P4301831

Almost to the top of the hill, I turned back to see the view. All I could hear was barking. Not Lucy! Nope, it was the little, yappy mutt from the house on the corner who had 2 puppies about 6 weeks old & her companion, a hound, probably a Redbone Hound mix, gorgeous dog with the deep hound “bay.”

Lucy Tammi P4301807

They were not barking at Lucy, per se, but at the car, however I knew this would upset Lu…not as much as it upset me!

Tammi Lucy P4301815

So I headed back down the hill to fetch my 13.5 year-old pup.

Lucy P4301833

Because the property has not been bush hogged, the grasses are up to my knees. Well, Lu is a short little Terrier which meant I was going to have to carry her to whole long way uphill stopping periodically to let her walk & sniff.

Lucy P4301832

We made it up top. My arms were a bit tired. Lu was happy.


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