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Survey Pins Marked & Remarked

May 13, 2014

DH & I hiked the perimeter of the property adding additional, very visible markings to the official survey pins.

IMG 0447

We started where we knew the surveyor had marked a pin, DH carrying a black plastic bag full of PVC pipe cut 4 feet long, me carrying a 3.5 pound hammer, orange plastic tape, a bag with spray DEET, orange-glo spray paint, the map of the property & DH’s cell phone.


Because a bush hog has not been used yet this year, the pastures were deep grasses. That’s nothing compared to the woods – brambles, wild rose, poison ivy, downed trees & fences – makes for a tough walk.

IMG 0448

The depth of the property was a bit of a shock to us – it’s bigger than we originally thought, and we did find the 50 foot Hackleberry Tree mentioned in the original survey many years ago.

IMG 0449

The back line is fenced by the cattle-owning neighbor.

IMG 0450

We did have to cut our way through some places, DH concerned about snakes.


I let DH get ahead of me a bit so I could take the photo.

Thru the trees

We finally came out of the dense woods to the open pasture on top of the hill.

Made it

We had some difficulty finding the final pin along the road northwest of this parcel, but looking up into the trees behind the yappy dog’s home, there it was! I got to climb up to place our marker.

Not too many ticks, mostly at the end of the walk dropping from trees. The surveyor & his assistant saw only a rat snake yesterday but I was prepared. There are Rattlesnakes, Copperheads & assorted other indigenous snakes in the area, which is why I was packing on this adventure.


Hey, I have a permit – it’s my Constitutional right! Use it or lose it!

A rainy morning 2 days later DH went out to scout an area on the property & didn’t take my gun. Look what decided to block his path on the way back!


A great big Southern Diamondback Rattelsnake with a bad attitude stood tall swaying back & forth & struck at anything DH used to encourage it to move along.
Praise the Lord for Harry who came to the rescue!

  1. Rebecca Fancher permalink
    May 13, 2014 12:46 pm

    Good, dead snake!

    • May 13, 2014 2:43 pm

      Actually, no, it wasn’t killed. As Harry approached, rifle in hand, the snake retreated to fight another day.

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