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Directions For Busy Days

May 16, 2014

Busy days. Water permit – a blue “stick” that cost me $1700 to mark where I want the water line. Electricity permit – after I meet with the engineer on the property in 2 weeks. Septic system permit. Meet with the county road supervisor. Meet with Dale who will cut the driveway & place the septic system. Meet with the septic system inspector. Stop at the local store to pay for the culverts & have them delivered to the property.

Paperwork 2

What would we do without Harry? He’s done all this in the past few months building their home. He knows everybody. He makes it easy … Except his directions…

Never an address, just landmarks & if I start to take notes, “Just listen to me. Take the Highway to Industrial Park Drive, turn right on 50. When you see the Hardee’s… When you pass Shoney’s… When you see the Methodist Church & the courthouse…”

One thing’s for sure, I am learning my way around this little town, following his directions I haven’t taken a wrong turn or gotten lost & when someone asks, “Do you know where Shoney’s is?” I can answer most definitely “Yes!”


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