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We Have A Driveway!

May 20, 2014

IMG 0456
The culvert was delivered early in the morning & waited patiently for the county road crew to arrive.

IMG 0459
Digging out to place the culvert.

IMG 0461
After the dump truck dropped its load, the telescoping backhoe began its work.

IMG 0464
The operator of the backhoe was an expert. No wasted motion.

IMG 0466
Smoothing the top.

IMG 0467
To pack down the rock/gravel mixture the dump truck went back…

IMG 0468
& forth a number of times.

IMG 0471
Final inspection.

IMG 0477
Woo Hoo! We have a driveway!

I think the Frosted Bourbon Brownies were a hit.

IMG 0489
I haven’t shared this recipe…but I can if anyone wants it…


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