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Millie & Lucy

May 21, 2014

Millie & Lucy were present for the driveway installation. With Carole out of town, Millie was riding shotgun for Harry. Lucy was tired of being left alone at the apartment, so she was with me.

IMG 0474

While the road crew worked their magic, Lu & I rode with Harry & Millie to watch while discussing where the water line should come in, where the electricity should come in, what I needed to do immediately after the property was bush-hogged & to whom I needed to talk very soon.

IMG 0482

Harry’s “Walker” – his 4-wheel drive pick-up effortlessly carried us to the top of the hill.

IMG 0484

Millie made sure the yappy dogs knew there’s a new dog in town! Lu was more interested in barking at the backhoe & dump truck.

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