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What The Land Will Allow

May 23, 2014

After meeting with the architect, DH & I met Harry & Dale at the property to mark the driveway, estimated corners of the house & front door.

The sky was overcast with rain falling when least expected. So glad we rode to the top in Harry’s “Walker.”

IMG 0492

As we marked our driveway path, Dale pounded his auger into the ground to answer a very important question – can we build a house with a walk-out basement? If there is a ledge or shelf of rock under the ground, blasting would be necessary leading to a possible shift in the earth that would cause the basement to leak. If there are very large rocks, more money will be spent to excavate them.

IMG 0493

“Clunk!” “Clunk!” “Clunk!”
This isn’t good. Every time we hear, “Clunk!” we realize we may need to change our house plans.

IMG 0495

“Well, Dale, what do you think? Can they build a basement? Are we going to have to dig out to build the road?”

“I’m going to build what the land will let me build as far as the road goes. It would probably be a good idea for me to dig some holes & see what we’ve got.”

IMG 0498

By all means! Instead of spending the time & money on a house plan with a walk-out basement that we can’t use, having Dale dig some holes is a much better idea before this all gets started.

I like that Dale wants to work with the earth rather than to make it yield to his own plan.


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