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Very Good News!

May 27, 2014

An email titled “Great News!” from Harry: “Dale asked me to drop by today to review his findings. …rocky dirt at the house so the basement is a GO! …a lot of chert which can be graded around… Water line can run up by the driveway.
Dale…would like to meet with T to again lay out the driveway. He says you can now return back between the fence row and big dogwood. T, give me a call in the morning.

Best Regards,”

So, I called & drove to meet Harry & Dale at the property.

IMG 0499

Dale was hard at work on the lower portion of the driveway that leads up to the trees.

IMG 0501

Harry gave us both a ride to the top to check out what Dale discovered beneath all the “clunking” rocks.

There is no ledge, just lots of surface rocks that break apart when dug with a backhoe. The dirt is firm on this dome of the hill.

IMG 0504

The best news of all – CLAY! See that slide mark – that’s clay which will allow the basement to stand firm, no cracking or shifting to be expected!

IMG 0506

Very good news indeed!


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