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Almost Mute Monday: DH’s Small Sago Palms

June 2, 2014

IMG 0807

DH’s smallest Sago Palms have arrived at the top of our hill. The large ones are under trees at Carole & Harry’s waiting for the driveway to be built before they can be brought up.

The original Sago was given to DH by his Uncle Hal at their first meeting some 30-odd years ago. After World War 2, Uncle Hal never travelled back east from where the Army Air Corp deposited him – he never flew again!

  1. tina gilchrist permalink
    June 2, 2014 12:43 pm

    Tammi, Would it be possible for you to post the link you had up for Serie’s home?  I cannot locate it on your posts.  But, then, I am tech challenged some times.

    Thanks.  I enjoy your blog. Tina

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