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Our Builder

June 3, 2014

IMG 0800

Time to bring our builder into this process & let him take a look at the initial house plan on the top of our hill. Harry came along for good measure.

Our builder is an artist & a craftsman. Why do I say this? I visited his cabinet shop last winter with Carole when she was deciding what she wanted her cabinets to look like.

IMG 0801

Oh my goodness! This man can build anything! Just describe it – he draws a picture & off he goes! The photos of houses, cabinets, interiors he has built…oh my goodness!

A man of few words, Johnny says that he isn’t the fastest builder but that he is thorough. Well, as quickly as I would like to get out of this apartment, I want our house – the last home I plan to ever live in – to be well built, a blessing to us & a showpiece for our builder.


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