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Finally Some Sunshine

June 12, 2014

Finally some sunshine after drenching rainstorms every day.

IMG 0816

DH bought a weed eater & got to work clearing the area where the storage shed would be placed.

IMG 0820

I tried to keep Lucy in the shade so she wouldn’t overheat. This meant I could go nowhere! If I took a step away from her, she followed.

Lu on drive

DH used up all the “string” in the weed eater trying to knock down the overgrown grass & woody-stemmed weeds.

IMG 0819

With all my best efforts, Lu did get too hot. I pulled the ice packs from the cooler bag & placed them around Lu until time to drive home.

IMG 0814

Once home, as always, tick check, bathe Lucy, tick check again, my shower then supper for everyone. This time I even gave Lu a summer haircut removing her top, tough layer of fur. Tick checks should be easier now & maybe she won’t overheat so easily.


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