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Installation of the Lofted Barn

June 26, 2014

He was on the road when I arrived waiting & wondering whether he would be able to get his long trailer with the very heavy load up the wet gravel with all the fissures.
IMG 0549

He made it!
IMG 0548

IMG 0549

Heavy-duty Segway unloaded…
IMG 0550

(I don’t know what it’s really called, but it looked like a Segway with a forklift to me.)
IMG 0551

Then time to tilt the trailer bed…IMG 0555

IMG 0556

IMG 0557

IMG 0560

IMG 0563

Now the Segway…
IMG 0564

IMG 0566

IMG 0567

Hackberry Tree obstruction…
IMG 0568

IMG 0572

Can’t get it into the exact place unless some limb trimming…
IMG 0576

IMG 0577
Thank you, kind sir!

IMG 0574

IMG 0843

Ta da!
IMG 0845

Off he heads down the driveway with a shortened trailer & a lightened load just as the rain begins again.
IMG 0851


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