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Moving Day…sort of

July 1, 2014

With the lofted barn in residence, it’s time to get some of our stuff to the top of the hill!
Good lock on the door. Good sign in the window.

IMG 1943

Harry allowed us to borrow Walker & trailer which we loaded with wrought-iron chairs, our grill & all the other non-plant things we had stowed under the trees at Carole & Harry’s Wonder Hill.

IMG 1942

Since I’m the truck fanatic & have the most experience driving trucks, DH followed in my Prius while I took the first load the 7-ish miles to our property.

IMG 0425

The second load was plants – huge sago palms (which bite if you get too close), my dwarf citrus trees, D’s tropical hibiscus, blackberry & raspberry bushes from Joni, blueberry bushes…

IMG 0431

It’s wonderful to have our stuff at our place. Chairs to sit in, tables to enjoy a meal on, berry bushes to provide a quick snack on a hot day.

Gratitude to Carole & Harry for being dear friends helping us out in this process in more ways than I can count!


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