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Kubota Tractor

July 9, 2014

With all the rain we have had in May & June, the grass on our property has grown like crazy.

We paid to have it bush-hogged right after we closed the purchase deal in May, but it has grown to significant levels again & we really don’t want to have to pay to have it cut down again…it was quite costly.

Dear Husband & Harry went tractor shopping…a dangerous thing to allow men to do alone…

IMG 0598

I asked the Fox Brothers (local beef cattle experts) if they had a recommendation regarding purchasing tractors, a brand that was a particular favorite, noting they were wearing green hats with yellow deer. “That grain (green) paint’s expansive (expensive).” They were absolutely correct!

IMG 0599

DH chose a Kubota. They even gave us each our own orange Kubota cap!

Of course it was raining when delivered so my instruction session was cut short. (DH was out of town so I had a private lesson.)

IMG 0601


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