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Bush-hogging Tall Weeds

July 11, 2014

IMG 0614

Since the Fox Brothers told me “ain’t no grass, them’s jes’ wades,” I have to determine how to best exchange the weeds for good grazing grass.

IMG 0615

First, the bush-hogging must be completed to give us a fighting chance. Maybe when the weeds are cut down this time they won’t grow back so fast in the July heat. I hope.

IMG 0616

Yes, this is a small tractor, but some of the weeds are well over 6-feet high! Because DH & I have never mowed this property before, we are not sure what is under the tall weeds nor know how the land rises & falls.

IMG 0618

With DH out of town, I got to get this show on the road by cutting the top of the hill & around the barn. That’s where I learned how to use the tractor.

IMG 0619

Next, I cut the front pasture & part of the center pasture. That’s where I found out what they meant when they said, “go up & down hills, not sideways.” No kidding! The problem – this property is almost completely hills! Driving straight up, or so I thought, until all of a sudden I’m sliding sideways, hanging on to the upside of the tractor to keep from turning over. I am so glad we have a roll bar!

IMG 0622

I did enjoy the wildflowers & critters in the pastures.


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