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Burn The Brush Pile: Take 2

July 29, 2014

Dear husband joined me for the 2nd attempt at burning the towering pile of tree waste left when the large trees were harvested.


Gasoline, matches, cardboard boxes – yep, they burn, but the brush is stacked high & not consolidated enough to get any real heat going not to mention “green.”

Lucy with us, we worked for about 4 hours before DH decided to bush-hog a while & Lu went for a walk up the road to visit a neighbor. She received a stern talking-to when she finally returned!


Hot, sweaty, covered in dirt & ashes, thirsty – I looked a glorious sight when Dale the digger drove past, backed up & walked down to the small fire I had successfully maintained.

“You’re wasting your time. It’ll never burn unless it’s compacted down & the larger logs are cut to size. Do you have a chainsaw?” “Yes, but it’s electric.” “Let me get the bulldozer over here & push it a bit & we’ll fix it so it’ll burn.”

Tired, frustrated, we gratefully accepted. Loaded Lu into the Prius & drove home. We’ll finish this next time…I hope.


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