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Burn The Brush Pile: Take 3

July 30, 2014

Dale had pushed the brush pile earlier in the week, but because of urgent appointments on my calendar I was unable to get down to the property to finish the burning job.

DH & I headed down early Saturday morning, with the plan to finish by noon & head back home since I had Carole’s birthday cake to bake & we were going to a concert at Evermore Farm that evening. (That’s not a good site; the best one is on Facebook. Evermore Farm is in Lyles, Tn. & they have gospel music concerts.)

IMG 0656

What’s this? The power poles are in & the power lines strung! With the brush pile directly under the brand new power lines. Uh oh! Hey, who cut down that Black Walnut Tree?

IMG 0902

Well, the lines are up & that was the big hurry for burning. Maybe we could just leave this & let it rot until winter then burn it away. So we worked on top of the hill pulling the 1000 feet of water hoses back up the hill, erected a cover for the tractor to protect it from the weather & did some burning & bush-hogging. Tired, sweaty & ready for some lunch, it was already noon, we locked the barn & headed for the Prius.

IMG 0903

Up the hill drove Dale the digger. “Hey, fire bugs, y’all ready to burn that brush? I can push it off the right-of-way & I have my chainsaw.” “Sure!” I hope I sounded more enthusiastic than I felt.


Do you know the best way to start a brush fire? Duraflame logs! The only trick is finding the silly things in the summertime! DH ordered some from Home Depot online – they said they were in stock. Well, a week later someone finally found them & texted me to fetch them. Boy oh boy am I glad I did!

IMG 0910

We stuffed 2 logs on either end of the small pile while Dale began to push the big pile. He made it look easy.

IMG 0906

IMG 0912

With the flames beginning to rise, Dale drove the bulldozer right into the fire shoving the logs around until he & the dozer disappeared in flames & smoke.

IMG 0909

IMG 0913

When nothing else wanted to move Dale parked the dozer aside & got his chainsaw out of his pickup.

IMG 0914

IMG 0916

DH met Darrell the Electrician who happened to be driving by.

IMG 0925

IMG 0931

I watched Dale carefully, especially when he started climbing on top of the pile to cut some limbs that were keeping the whole pile from moving. A log shifted, pinning his chainsaw. Using a wedge & a 5-lb hammer he was able to dislodge it. This happened more than once & I had to toss his wedge & hammer up to him.

IMG 0932

Finally clear of the power lines it was time to start burning the back end of the brush pile. Dale held the pile in place while DH lit 3 Duraflame logs & set them in the center.

IMG 0934

If this had been January, it would have been a lovely, warm fire on a crisp day. Instead, it was a stinking HOT fire on a July day with temperatures in the 90’s! But I am so grateful for Dale & his expertise, chainsaw & bulldozer!

IMG 0941

I do have a question – Dale is in his 70’s. When we finished working for the day, why was I so exhausted & Dale chipper headed to his farm to bale hay? I work out. I’m in really great physical shape, but I cannot hold a candle to this former member of the Forestry Service when it comes to doing physical labor on a farm!

DH & I went home to shower, cook some hamburgers & battle leg cramps. We’ll catch the next concert at Evermore Farm & Carole’s cake had to wait!

  1. July 30, 2014 10:36 am

    I Love love love your photo diary. It’s so exciting. Where is this property….address? Can we come down and look?

    • July 30, 2014 10:45 am

      We do not have an actual 911 address yet. Until the building permit is issued, we are listed as “0” on the road where the driveway connects.
      I want to have a cookout when we get things a bit more convenient & comfortable but, sure, come on down and have a look! I’ll give you the directions at choir practice!

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