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Darrell The Electrician

August 5, 2014

A big man with a shiny bald head (even more bald than DH) whose quiet confidence & gentle speech makes him a pleasure to spend time with, Darrell is a perfectionist electrician.


He has a working relationship with the Duck River Electric’s engineer, so he joined me to meet her to make sure all the trees were down that needed to be removed for the underground lines & to definitively locate the position of the temporary electricity pole for construction.

IMG 0652

Michele bragged to Darrell that she quit smoking cigarettes a few months back. Darrell praised & encouraged her. You see, Darrell had a stroke when he was 40 years old directly related to his smoking. He is an avid non-smoker, though he admitted to absent-mindedly reaching to his pocket for a cigarette just the other day.

IMG 0654

Old habits die hard.


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