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Propane Tank Installation

August 14, 2014

Out in the country, the gas company in town doesn’t provide gas lines, so to have a gas cooktop or gas heat for one’s home, one must have a gas tank.

I ordered ours from Southern Propane, the local provider & it has taken almost a month for it to arrive. After my phone call from the company scheduling delivery I immediately called Dale the Digger to make sure he was available.

IMG 0669

When I arrived, Dale, having dug the hole for the tank a week ago, was at work smoothing the driveway with the extra load of rock we had. I opened the barn then climbed on the tractor to start bush-hogging while waiting for the delivery. I was very important in this process – I had the checkbook!

Just after 9am the big truck climbed our hill, stopping where Dale directed the driver. “That’s good chert,” the delivery man commented to Dale & they launched into a discussion about the various types of dirt encountered in this area.

IMG 0667

The tank looked like a mini-submarine to me, even a periscope coming out of the top. Far too heavy to be placed without machinery, Dale moved his backhoe into place.

IMG 0668

IMG 0671

IMG 0672

His new assistant, Jay the delivery man, attached the chain then stood back.

IMG 0674

No wasted motion by Dale, the tank stayed level with little swaying.

IMG 0675

IMG 0676

IMG 0677

Jay climbed on top once it was set down so he could release the chain…

IMG 0678

…& make sure the tank was level.

IMG 0679

“Just off “half a bubble.” “Do you have any 4-inch blocks left from the barn installation?” “No, we used them all.” “I have some in my truck. Let me get them.”

IMG 0680

Before Jay climbed back into the hole Dale asked,” Don’t you want to take the anodizers with you so you don’t have to climbed out again?” “That’s a good idea,” Jay replied then headed back to his truck for 2 large boxes. “One romp, two rabbits, I always say. No reason to waste the trip up if you don’t have to.”

IMG 0683

The anodizers are magnesium to keep the tank from rusting out.
Jay worked to connect 2 insulated wires from the anodizers to the tank periscope but seemed to be having some difficulty. “You need another pair of pliers? I got one right here in my pocket. I don’t leave the house without my pliers,” said Dale.

IMG 0684

Plastic hood placed, though the regulators & copper wire must still be attached.

IMG 0685

Then Dale the Digger began covering it lest a “tornado blow up & carry this thing all the way to Nashville.”

IMG 0687

IMG 0689

Result: Enough showing to make it functional once we have started house construction but deep enough to keep it from blowing away.

IMG 0691

After writing the check I was back on the bush-hog hoping the promised cold front was coming soon.

Note: I took these photos with my phone since I forgot to bring my camera. None of the photos were enhanced, lightened or darkened. It was a beautiful day! The cold front did arrive just before I finished mowing.


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