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We Have A Mailbox!

August 22, 2014

IMG 0709

Once I filed the house plan with the county building department, I was given a phone number to call to receive our 911 address. One simple phone call to a very nice lady at the 911 office (no I did not dial “911”) & an address was issued.

DH immediately drove to the department of safety office for his new drivers license, conceal-carry permit & he registered to vote. I’m waiting for the forms to come in the mail to do the same.

IMG 0710

Then a visit to our local post office to make sure we were allowed to install a mailbox since the house wasn’t built. Yep. No problem at all. Even ran into our mailman, whom DH & I had met the day we walked the perimeter of the property a few months ago. “Where’s your gun?” he asked with a smile on his face. He remembered me!

IMG 0711

DH & I set the post in concrete on Saturday & gave it a few days to harden. So on a very humid, but not too hot day, Lucy & I installed the mailbox.

I didn’t realize that DH’s toolbox does not include a Phillips-head screwdriver. My toolbox is in the apartment. There is a reason I always keep my multi-plier in my car!

IMG 0712

With the sound of constant barking – nope, not Lucy, I placed the oversize mailbox on the post. Yappy Dog was making sure I knew she was supervising my work.

IMG 0713

Woo Hoo! We now have an official mailing address in our new county & a mailbox to collect all our correspondence…bills mostly, but that’s okay!


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