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First Day Butterflies…& Birds!

September 16, 2014

IMG 0966

IMG 0979

After breakfast, our first stop was The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservancy.

IMG 0952


IMG 0955


IMG 0956

The beautiful blues that were difficult to snap.
IMG 2135
Wings Open…
IMG 2136
Wings Closed

IMG 0962

I had a hitchhiker for most of my visit…a butterfly that attached itself to my shirt until we exited.
IMG 2125

IMG 0963

DH’s head was a favorite for an old blue with tattered wings.

IMG 0949

IMG 0965

Beautiful finches

IMG 0953

& “blue” birds, quail… (I spent all afternoon one day trying to find the names of these lovelies. Cornell Ornithology – you failed me for the first time ever!)

IMG 0970
A Honey Creeper of some sort, I’m certain.

IMG 0972

IMG 0974
Baby Quail with mommy

IMG 0977
Japanese Quail, I think

IMG 0980

IMG 0981
A Parrot Finch with a blue-cheeked feathered friend

IMG 0984

Could not identify these gorgeous, brilliant two!

IMG 0985

IMG 2140

What would a visit to south Florida be without seeing a Flamingo or two?

IMG 0960

IMG 2141


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