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Sailing in Key West

September 19, 2014

IMG 0998

I think DH will agree with me that our most memorable, enjoyable experience while visiting Key West was our sailing at sunset.

IMG 1000
Perfect weather.

The crew greeted us warmly, showed us the seating, explained safety procedures (emphasizing “stay on this side of the rails!”) & pointed out the bathrooms. Then the latecomers were seen on the dock – “Oh, look, he forgot his pants.” What is it with old men from Brazil wearing Speedos? (He wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time.)
IMG 1009

We left dock using the diesel engine, but soon the engine was turned off & the sails unfurled.

IMG 1001
Wide-base catamaran took the waves with ease.

IMG 1005

IMG 1008
Many other boats were sharing the bay.
IMG 1029

IMG 1011

IMG 1012
This is the old lighthouse next door to the Hemingway House.

IMG 1017
LLBean canoes on board.
IMG 1018

IMG 1024
DH managed the shifting deck very well considering he hasn’t been on a boat since he lost his hearing & his ability to balance 10 years ago.

IMG 1027

All too soon it was time to lower the sails & fire up the engine once again to head for home.
IMG 1055

IMG 1062

Beautiful evening, great crew. Hors d’oeuvres, drinks. Friendly passengers. Couple with Santa hats taking their Christmas card photo.
This was great!


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