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A Visit To California’s Wine Country

October 10, 2014

DH wanted to take a few days & taste some California wines at the source. Our dear friends who were supposed to join us had a last minute situation & had to back out. Color me disappointed.

IMG 0833

We flew Southwest Airline, our favorite, because I have a Companion Pass (FLY FREE!) for a year (DH flies a lot with his consulting job right now.) BNA to CMW to SFO. Delayed a few hours due to morning storms in Dallas. A chance to catch up on my reading!

From San Fran, we drove to the Sonoma/Napa area – a PGA event tied up tons of hotel rooms in the vicinity. Hampton Inn offers a clean room & free breakfast at a reasonable price & with all DH’s travels, he’s a Gold Member. The exercise room has clean towels & cold water. Breakfast has protein, fat & hot water for tea. Works for me!

IMG 0832

We shop at Whole Foods for our picnic selections & supper after a long day tasting wines. Gallons of drinking water, too!

Wines to taste. Wines for lunch & supper. Wines shipped home. Wines packed in our suitcases. Whew! This is hard work! NOT!

IMG 0791
Lunch at the picnic tables behind the Oakville Grocery, with a Redwood standing guard.


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