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Second Day: Sonoma Wineries, part 1

October 21, 2014

Second Day needs to be shared in 2 parts – too many photos otherwise.

IMG 1113

Chateau St. Jean

IMG 1115

Early morning, DH & I are morning people, sometimes called Larks (I’m an annoying Lark – I’m awake & think everyone is alert & ready to talk/think/exercise/sing; no, I don’t use caffeine in any form, why do you ask?) …we arrived before they were open so there was time to explore the gardens.

IMG 1114

Dwarf citrus fruit trees, giant redwoods, test vineyard with grapes ripe & ready to be tasted.

IMG 1120

The new building has the feel of a giant barn. Lots of things to purchase, but what we wanted was wine…a reserve wine tasting. We were directed to the “house” out the door & across the garden path.

IMG 1122

The moment we entered I knew the building was old – the smell of old wood, the creaking of the floor. Arched windows, old tile floor – we were serve in the solarium of the house built in 1920.

IMG 1123

Chateau St. Jean is an affordable, drinkable wine available in most places wines are sold. We joined the wine club because the reserve wines that are only offered to club members are also affordable & quite delicious.

IMG 0813
not quite ripe

Chalk Hill

Out in the middle of nowhere…uh…Sonoma County, the Chalk Hill estate is enormous. Four flag poles at the entrance of the winery fly the state flag of Texas, the state flag of California, the flag of the USA & the flag of West Point, the US Military Academy. The owner, originally from Texas is a West Point graduate.

IMG 0818
no wind

Chalk Hill makes nice wines (DH will not be happy to hear my description – he loves their wines) & the bottles of their reserve wines weigh twice as much as standard bottles of wine. That’s not an issue unless you are paying for the wines to be shipped across the country for your enjoyment.

IMG 0819

The owner wants to be the largest wine estate owner in the world, at least that’s what I’ve heard. He already owns seven wineries, maybe more. That’s fine & congrats on your financial success, did I mention that he’s the Chairman of Fidelity National, but I like smaller wineries, not multi-national corporations. I think that smaller is better & more accountable to the consumer.

No we did not join this wine club. One reason – there is a membership fee! A significantly expensive fee! But shipping is free. No duh! You just charged the shipping up front! No thanks!

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