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Giant Redwood Trees

October 22, 2014

This California Redwood Tree (Sequoia sempervirens) was in the picnic area of Chateau St. Jean Winery & Vineyard. The trunk was at least 6 feet across – I couldn’t get my arms around it halfway.

IMG 1107

Just so you know, I did not enhance the color of this photo! The sky was so clear, so blue, it took my breath away!

IMG 1109

I am shocked at how tiny the pine cones from the giant redwood are.

IMG 1110

You already know I’m a bird nerd & a nature freak, so to tell you I love the giant redwoods is not a surprise. The fact that I stopped at Ch. Montelena to speak to the redwood tree I had seen years before was a tipoff.

Giant Redwoods are remarkable to view, but one must remember, they are “giant” trees, just like St. Bernard’s, Great Danes & Newfoundland’s are “giant” dogs. They grow big because they are supposed to grow BIG. Saying that, I am wondering if I could grow one in middle Tennessee. It may not be moist enough, though we did get a ton of rain this past summer… I will do some checking, but if I can grow Myrtle, my Live Oak, why couldn’t I grow a giant redwood?

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