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Second Day Sonoma Wineries, part 2

October 23, 2014

Rodney Strong Vineyards

IMG 0820

Rodney Strongis another wine you will find almost anywhere, but their reserve wines – what a lovely surprise!

The server behind the bar was friendly, engaging & wrote a lovely thank-you note to me, me having joined the Symmetry Wine Club. Why did I join this particular wine club – THE SHIPPING IS FREE! Wines only available at the winery & through the wine club are seriously excellent & make it worth joining!

J Winery

IMG 0822

Sharing a parking lot with Rodney Strong, J Winery… oh my goodness, what to say… DH joined this wine club on our last visit. If you want to know what Sonoma Pinot Noir should taste like – open a bottle of J! Judy Jordan, daughter of the famous Jordan Winery family (we couldn’t get a tasting reservation at this ORGANIC winery! Rats!) decided to go it on her own & has had great success producing delicious wines!

IMG 0825

We chose the sparkling wine sampler with a tasting platter of cheeses. Perfect for early afternoon, having been tasting since 10am. A welcome respite & snack.

IMG 1128

IMG 1129

Martinelli Winery

The folks at Martinelli are so nice we had to stop in to say, “Hi!” The giant, ancient grapevine around the patio post greets all entering the tasting room.
We bought a bottle to give to our friends who couldn’t join us on our trip.
The Martinelli’s daughter lives in Brentwood, TN, just up the road a bit from us.

IMG 0827

Another long day tasting wonderful wines. Time to join the afternoon rush-hour traffic heading to Whole Foods to grab something from their fresh food bar for dinner, then back to the hotel.


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