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Fun Facts About Wine Country

October 29, 2014

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The taste of wine varies from winery to winery – even those next door to one another may taste vastly different. The trees, whether Eucalyptus (there are seriously huge Eucalyptus trees all around) or Redwood or Black Oak, drop their leaves in autumn, allowing the different properties of the tree to soak into the soil. Eucalyptus is how a hint of mint shows up in wine.

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Bat boxes & owl boxes & bluebird boxes are everywhere in Napa Valley. Bats eat insect pests. Owls catch rodents & snakes in the vineyards – grass is allowed to grow up over the roots of the vines during summer to keep the roots cooler. Bluebirds are very territorial songbirds & they don’t eat berries! They help keep other songbirds out of the vineyard.

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Roses & crepe myrtle plants are around every winery & vineyard, usually at the end of each row of vines. Insect pests that attack grapes will attack the flowers first – this way the vineyard master can deal with them before they ruin the grape crop.
Napa Valley doesn’t allow pesticide use. Another reason I prefer Napa to Sonoma.

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I miss my herb garden. Every winery uses herbs in their landscaping. Rosemary hedges, thyme creeping along the pathways… I MISS MY HERB GARDEN!


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