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Building A Berry Bramble

April 8, 2015

Planting berries are like making an investment, kind of like planting trees.
I started with the blackberries my friend Joni gave me years ago from her mom’s garden. They have lived in a plastic pot, producing lovely berries & lots of nasty briars.

IMG 1284

Then store-bought blackberries, some thornless. Hurrah!

IMG 1286

A trellis will help prevent the bramble from becoming…well, a bramble!

IMG 1290

On this day, the 3-lb hammer was my favorite tool. Kudos to my trainer, Greg, for all the weight lifting, pushups & kettle bell swings.

IMG 1292

Then unrolling & placing the fencing wire. That was a challenge.

IMG 1296

After the wire I unrolled black plastic sheeting to limit weeds.

IMG 1299

I am still trying to find hardwood mulch to cover the plastic in both the garden & the berry patch. Most companies add dye to mulch – yuk! I just want plain, old, regular mulch.


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