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Trenches For Footings & Rebar

April 29, 2015

We broke ground on the house March 18th, then started the rain.

IMG 1330

For over a month we waited, checked weather forecasts, bought new umbrellas, waited, waited…

Finally a break!

IMG 1328

Trenches dug & more rain…

Wait, wait, wait…

IMG 1333

Scheduled the rebar to be hammered into place – more rain. Wait, wait, wait!

IMG 1329

Then it happened! The weather systems that had drenched us for weeks blew to the east!

IMG 1334

Rebar in place. Then it rained again before the County inspector could give his approval.

IMG 1332

Water pumped out of trenches. No rain overnight. Inspected. Approved!

Now for the concrete to be poured.


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