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The Perils of Wet Cement!

April 30, 2015

IMG 1224

Sunshiny day for concrete to be poured into the trenches over the rebar. I had a morning full of errands to run – hey, I have things to do especially since waiting around has only encouraged rain to fall!

IMG 1335

Lucy & I arrived at our property in early afternoon. The last of the concrete was filling the final trench. 47 cubic yards of concrete.

IMG 1340

I walked over to take some photos. Moxie stayed in the barn – she doesn’t like loud noises & the cement truck was loud.

IMG 1338

Content to finally see some progress on this project, I never expected to hear “plunk.” What in the world was that? I turned to see Lucy sinking in the cement, already up to her chin.

IMG 1342
(This is the photo that snapped as I dropped the camera to grab my little dog.)

Grabbing her by the collar, I pulled her free from the sucking, clutching concrete. I raced with her to the water faucet we had installed for the construction. Full-blast cold water poured as I tried to free Lu from the tacky substance. I was going to need some soap.

IMG 1343

After she shook off & I snapped a photo, I took her quickly to the barn where we keep soap, shampoo & all kinds of things. I covered her with shampoo, scrubbed & scrubbed & finally rinsed her off fairly clean with the hose.

IMG 1346

Dried her off as well as I could with a towel.
Then I took a look at myself. I had shampoo, cement & water on my sunglasses, my jeans, my shoes, my hands…I was a mess.

IMG 1228

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I realized I had some repair work to do where Lu had almost become a statue.

IMG 1232

This is a deep spot (so glad she didn’t land on rebar!) but the surface wasn’t terribly marred.

IMG 1238

Using a handy-dandy piece of a broken stake, I smoothed the surface & stood back to admire my handiwork.

IMG 1233

No one will ever know.

IMG 1235

Lucy hasn’t left the barn without being carried since this happened.

IMG 1240

Lucy’s accident was my fault – I didn’t realize she would follow me into the building site. How could she know that the surface she wanted to walk on wasn’t solid? I should have secured her in the barn.
So glad my little dog didn’t become a part of our home’s foundation.

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  1. Jane Carter permalink
    April 30, 2015 7:58 am

    Soooooo glad progress has begun! Glad Lu didn’t become a statue.

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