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Block Is Here!

May 7, 2015

IMG 1352

Minding my own business, working in the garden, look who shows up in front of the home site!

IMG 1354

Sand & Mortar

IMG 1355

Stacks & stacks of block!

IMG 1358

Then back to the garden: asparagus weeded & mulched.

IMG 1359

Berries weeded & mulched.

IMG 1360

Blackberries are blooming…

IMG 1361

The old patio blueberries are covered with berries.

IMG 1363

Now I can sit back & drink a bottle of water…

IMG 1364

…for about 5 seconds!
Oh, Lucy stayed locked in the barn until all the blocks were unloaded. Not taking a chance that she might end up under a ton or so of cinderblock.


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