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Block Masons Arrive

May 8, 2015

I started the day in the garden at 8am. Not as early as I had hoped, but it would do. Weed-eating the perimeter of the garden, berry patch & around the mulch piles needed to be done before the temperatures got too high.

IMG 1270

The builder, block masons, my “big brother” descended on the building site. I kept to my task…

IMG 1366

Then the tumbler mixing sand & mortar…

IMG 1368

…the brick saw…

IMG 1371

& skilled masons who fit cinderblocks together with a minimum of movement. No wasted motion.

IMG 1373

We have walls! Well, sort of…

IMG 1374

After answering questions for the builder, walking over the site a couple of times (Lu was again locked in the barn) I went back to my work,

IMG 1274

followed by salmon & asparagus on the grill,

IMG 1272

a bottle of cold water & my luncheon companions.

IMG 1275


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