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Birds: Martins & I’m Not Sure

May 12, 2015

When we lived in west Tennessee, Purple Martin scouts always visited our house the weekend before Palm Sunday with the rest of the flock arriving by Easter.

IMG 1267
A Martin couple was checking out the house guarded by a bluebird on the top of the hill.

DH erected Purple Martin houses back in February to provide housing for any Martins moving north for the Spring/Summer seasons.

IMG 1277

We have been waiting & waiting. Purple Martins have called over our property but none have come in for a landing. Martins have taken up residence in houses neighbors erected, even the gourd house on Darks Mill Road. But our houses – nothing. Well, not quite nothing… Bluebirds.

IMG 1276

Even though DH placed Bluebird houses along our driveway & in every pasture, they thought they needed more space. Maybe they do – every house is occupied!


Harry & I observed a beautiful little bird seeking a place to build a nest under the barn eve. I wasn’t sure what variety, but these are the closest 2 I could find in the best birding book I have. Of course, it is now out of print, but available at


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