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Ready For The Framers

May 16, 2015

IMG 1375

Gravel delivered for the crawl space under the house. The builder’s Bobcat was pushing all over the topside. The builder & block crew were hauling & pushing gravel.

IMG 1377

With the outline of the house we can now distinguish rooms.

IMG 1378

After all the rain, the Lord has blessed us with dry days. Historically dry. So dry that friends are asking me to pray to ask the Lord to relent & send rain.

IMG 1379

A bay window in the kitchen! Footings for the deck, which won’t be built until the walls are framed.

IMG 1380

There will be a good-sized crawl space for storage…

IMG 1381

This is the western wall which will be the service wall – water, gas, septic, air conditioner, electricity.

IMG 1382

It finally looks like we’re going to have a house!


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