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Climbing Up

May 27, 2015

IMG 1427

Ooo! A ladder! I love high places: mountains, trails, exposed ledges in the Grand Canyon, ladders! DH thinks I was an eagle or a mountain goat in my former life. (No, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we do not believe in reincarnation, he just says that.)

IMG 1439

This is the flooring system for the Bonus Room above the Garage.

IMG 1440

A view of the rest of the house from up here.

IMG 1441

The “front yard” is a bit of a mess right now.

IMG 0512

DH took this photo of me on top of the ladder. Glad Harry wasn’t here…he would fuss at me about not being careful. I love Harry, the big brother the Lord gave to me by marriage to my dear friend, Carole!


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