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June 4, 2015

IMG 1287

The ladder on the side of the garage is no longer needed because we now have a stairway (of sorts) up!

IMG 1442

Nice view from up top…

IMG 1447

There is only 1 room upstairs – the Bonus Room above the garage which DH will use as an office. This is also where the televisions will be, so it’s an unofficial Media Room. This is also where our semi-recumbent bike (exercise bike) will be, so it’s the unofficial Exercise Room. Wow! Lot’s will be happening up here!

IMG 1443

This is a dormer on the front of the house.

IMG 1444

Watch your step, DH!

IMG 1445

Oops! Another window framed incorrectly! This is supposed to be a double window.

IMG 1446

From below – we have a ceiling…of sorts…

IMG 1449

Lucy was a good girl, watching from the door of the barn, while Moxie washed her face in front of the tractor.

IMG 1448


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