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A-Frame Going Up!

June 5, 2015

These guys work fast!

IMG 1451

They hammer a ladder together, 2 guys climb up, support a massive 2 x 12 on their shoulders while another guy below uses the air hammer to secure the side supports at the bottom, passes the air hammer up where the guys up top secure the side support to the 2 x 12. Amazing!

IMG 1452

Continuing to pray for their safety every single day!

IMG 1480

By the way, the garden has produced an over-abundance of lettuce! Zucchini has started making little fruits. Beets are growing well. Watermelons & purple hull peas are growing. Broccoli is growing (I know it’s late!) Onions doing well. Corn has stuck its little sprouts up. Tiny green tomatoes are on the vines. The jalapeño peppers are blooming. To quote the King of Siam, “Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!”


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