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Planting Myrtle

June 10, 2015

Myrtle has outgrown her container. I know I have written about Myrtle before, but the link is the only Post I could find. DH & I received Myrtle from a nursery owner at Myrtle Beach, SC (since her name) as an acorn that he dug up at the base of one of his massive, ancient trees. Live Oaks are protected by the government of South Carolina (you wouldn’t believe the regulations!) & he had no landscaping-size trees for us to purchase, so he walked outside & dug up a sprouted acorn, wrapped it in a damp paper towel & handed it to me.

IMG 1472

After a tough winter when I thought we had lost her, she finally greened up & put out new leaves.

IMG 1473

However, her leaves have stayed a pale bright green…

IMG 1474

I was concerned, so DH said it was time to get her out of her pot & into the ground.

IMG 1475

We chose a wide-open spot so there is plenty of room to grow to her full potential:

Live oak trees can grow very large, reaching heights of up to 80 feet tall. They can often spread wider than their height, reaching widths of up to 120 feet. The leaves are tough and leathery, 2 to 5 inches in length, oval in appearance and dark green in color. The flowers of the tree form in thin, strand-like clusters that are relatively inconspicuous. The branches of the tree grow low on the trunk and stretch outward in all directions, becoming very thick and long. The bark is rough, deeply furrowed and dark brown. The fruit of the tree consists of acorns are approximately 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch in length.

IMG 1476

Some excellent dirt in the bottom of the hole.

IMG 1477

Tall white stakes with a bright orange ribbon to make sure no one, including DH & I, don’t mow it down or run over her with a car!


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