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Talking With Harry

June 13, 2015

IMG 1314

A couple of times a week (or more!), Harry calls me out of the garden to the house to walk through what has been constructed to make sure everything is correct, to check window placement, to mark the little extras I want, like cubbies in the showers & get a general feel for where we are in the building process.

IMG 1310

What would I do without Harry!

IMG 1311

When something is found to not be exactly right, Harry immediately calls our builder & they talk on & on & on so everyone understands & are on the same page.

IMG 1312

What would I do without Harry!

IMG 1313

Harry wants more room in the attic above the Bonus Room for ductwork. I want 10-foot ceilings. We compromise: 9.5-foot ceilings.

IMG 1315

I want the cased opening (no door) into the Bonus Room to be larger. Harry doesn’t like that the “conditioned” air from upstairs will fall or rise because there is no door. But as he says, this is my house.

IMG 1316

What a treasure he is! A hard-nosed, stubborn, opinionated, very wise treasure!

IMG 1317

Oh look! The guys are building the vaulted roof of the entry hall! Wow!

IMG 1318


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