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Lucy’s Favorite TV Show

June 19, 2015
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IMG 1368

I need a break from talking about the house.

IMG 1383

Lucy is the most visual dog I have ever had, have ever seen!

IMG 1373

She barks, jumps, growls & whines depending on what she notices on the television.

IMG 1384

Her favorite show is Funniest Home Videos, which I let her watch most afternoons. Why do I let her watch it? It’s the best possible exercise!

IMG 1370

She sits in front of the TV waiting for something to catch her eye. Then she jumps at the TV, growling, looking back at me to be sure I’m watching her.

IMG 1385

There was a commercial she liked…the anti-depressant that had a little egg-like critter floating across the screen. It hasn’t been on lately that I’ve noticed.

IMG 1372

Anytime an animal is on TV, she barks & attacks. Action movies – lots of movement, jumping, running – she barks & jumps.

IMG 1389

Yes, there are scratches all over the TV cabinet.

IMG 1392


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