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Tomatoes Taking Over

June 30, 2015

IMG 1394

Just looking back through photos, I am shocked at just how much everything has grown, how quickly, too.

IMG 1395

Waiting & waiting for the tomatoes to decide to make fruit & ripen. Well, the wait is over!

IMG 1396

With a no-till, raised bed garden, I tightly placed plants to keep weeds down & make harvesting easier. Uh oh! The tomatoes are very happy in their rich soil & have spread toward the barrier fence, into the squash, overtook the sweet onions & then collapsed in the rain last week!

IMG 1398

What was supported by tomato cages fell over uprooting the cages. What was not supported has stretched out on the ground sending new roots down.

IMG 1399

DH helped me right & replant the cages. I still have to crawl under the plants to harvest cocktail tomatoes, Roma tomatoes & Big Boys, but that’s okay.

IMG 1430

Along with the jalapeño peppers, garlic & yellow onions growing, I will be canning my salsa, which I haven’t done in 2 years! Yum & yum again!

IMG 1431

By the way, photos are not color enhanced.


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