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House Construction Continues

July 1, 2015

The house? Work has continued amid the rain, fog & extreme heat.

IMG 1492

Some windows have been put in & I have now met our plumber, Woody, the HVAC expert, Cecil & our roofers black German shepherd, Genghis.

IMG 1496

Darrell, our electrician, has worked steadily hanging light cans, running wiring & guiding me where to have light switches & plugs. He even drew a palm tree on the floor in the kitchen because I was studying where the island should be placed. Funny, great guy!

IMG 1497

With internal wall studs in place, the place actually looks likes it’s going to be a house.

IMG 1511

Our neighbors Registered Red Angus come to visit each evening while DH & I enjoyed our grilled meals.

IMG 1502

Lucy & Moxie have settled into the routine of early mornings in the garden…

IMG 1520

…late afternoons under the trees to eat supper.

IMG 1521


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