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Garden Produce

July 14, 2015

IMG 1566

Cucumbers are growing on the fence, through the ties I used to attached them to the bean poles…

IMG 1567

Corn is growing outside the fence making harvesting cucumbers interesting.

IMG 1568

Trying to clear a garden bed to plant more pink-eye purple hull peas, I have spent the past few days digging up potatoes: blue, Yukon gold & fingerling.

IMG 1569

I thought there would be a few. Can you say pounds & pounds & pounds!

IMG 1570

First I pull the dead vine…

IMG 1571

Often potatoes are still attached to the roots.

IMG 1572

We are in full-blown tomato season!

IMG 1573

I canned 2 batches of my salsa Saturday & 4 batches Sunday! Oh, with DH’s help! He washed, measured & cut the tomatoes for me!

IMG 1581

Watermelons & corn are growing. I was sure wishing a watermelon was ripe Saturday – sheesh it was hot!

IMG 1582

IMG 1583


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