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Early Mornings In The Garden

July 22, 2015

IMG 1482

If I’m early enough, the sun hasn’t risen above the treeline to shine on the garden.

IMG 1483

IMG 1484

IMG 1485

Canning salsa every day.

IMG 1486

IMG 1487

IMG 1488

The tomatoes have taken over their shared bed with the jalapeños.

IMG 1489

IMG 1490

IMG 1491

IMG 1492

IMG 1494

Pumpkins have sprouted.

IMG 1496

Asparagus has gone wild – there will be lots to eat next Spring.

IMG 1497

IMG 1499

The giant sunflowers are blooming. They have a golden center while the smaller ones have brown centers.

IMG 1500

IMG 1501

IMG 1502

#3 son & DIL are visiting soon. I’m hoping the corn will be ready to roast & watermelons ready to chill.

IMG 1506

IMG 1507


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