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Set In Stone, part 1

July 24, 2015

On the way to the property I receive a text from Harry, “We b pouring concrete in the garage right now.” Waiting till I stopped at the stop sign, I responded, “On Darks Mill.” Safety first.

IMG 1522
Johnny the builder & Harry supervising.

By the time I arrived, the garage floor had been poured. So glad Lu wasn’t with me.

IMG 1523

Busy bees, these guys pushed & kicked the wet cement, lifting the steel rebar with a special tool so the reinforcement would be inside the concrete.

IMG 1524

IMG 1544

To take photos from inside the house…oops! How do I get into the house? Leave it to Darrell the electrician to think ahead!

IMG 1545

IMG 1526

Pour it in.

IMG 1528

IMG 1535

Smooth it out.

IMG 1536


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