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Darrell the Electrician

August 5, 2015

I have mentioned Darrell before but I haven’t posted a photo of him. That’s because he says his photo is copyrighted. I don’t believe him, so here he is…

IMG 1618

This precious man works alone. He is a perfectionist so he wants to make sure it is installed correctly. When dealing with electricity, lighting, anything that can shock a person to death, hurrah! I want a perfectionist in charge!

The representative from Duck River Electric Co-op was inspecting, deciding whether we could run the power poles up to the top of our hill, Darrell was here to meet with her & calmed her fears, answered her questions. She likes him.

IMG 1619

Darrell had a stroke when he was in his early 40s. He decided that it was time to get & stay healthy. He stopped smoking, eats an excellent all-natural (grown in his own garden/pasture) diet & stays fit.

IMG 1621

He has a beautiful bald head just like DH. Always has a joke to tell. Moxie comes to see him from the barn every morning. Precious, precious man!


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